Danilo de Casa Jagermeister

Sire: Billy (Jack) Haus Bley, SchH3
Dam: Qassy vom Sennertal, IPO3, KKL1

Whelped: 2/19/2014

Breeders: Carlos Rojas
Owners: Marlene & Joseph Horvath

2018 Danilo 4th Birthday

Enjoying the Feb 2018 Blizzard

Danilo enjoying his little pool


Danilo and his ball

Danilo watching

Danilo protection

Danilo at the Blind

Danilo at 20 months

Danilo at 20 months

Danilo doing great protection

Danilo in the air

Danilo in protection

Danilo in flight

Danilo working with Mom


Danilo at 15 months

Mom and Danilo

Danilo barking



My boy Danilo

Danilo coming to Mom

Mom and Danilo


Mom and her boy Danilo

Danilo relaxing in the water

Aug 2014 Danilo

Mom and Danilo

Danilo and the small pool

Getting bigger

Danilo the lookout

What do you have?

Mom I have a stick

I'm not doing nothin'

What are you lookin' at?

Hey I can fit under Yoshi

Danilo's ears slowing rising

Danilo laying on Dad

Danilo watching Mom

Danilo gaiting next to Mom

Danilo listening to Mom

Danilo running with a stick

Danilo gaiting

Danilo enjoying himself

Danilo running

Danilo has arrived home

Birka and Danilo


Danilo in training