About Our Komondorok

Our Komondorok are all AKC Registered and just recently we started registering them with UKC. At Szilvahelyi Kennels we are very conscious of the health of our dogs. To ensure that we are breeding healthy dogs we do all required tests for the specific breed. Our testing starts at about 9 – 10 months with either a preliminary hip exam which is submitted to OFA for clearance and an eye test which is either submitted to CERF or OFA. We have started doing additional checks which can consists of DM, Dentition, Elbows or any other tests that we feel is important before we breed a dog or a bitch. Please note that we don’t just do the minimal testing we are doing more than what is required. This is not only to be certain that they are good for reproduction but to produce nice healthy puppies that will eventually go to a new loving home. All dogs that have cleared the required clearances and bred before 24 months will have their hips re-tested sometime after 2 years old so that an official OFA number will be listed on their website.

All puppies and adults are well socialized. Puppies are handled daily so they will realize that “Human contact is the Best”.

We are a Code of Ethics Komondorok Breeder and our puppies are sold with a written contract and Health/Hip guarantee and all information on both sire and dam. A lifetime of support is provided on all of our puppies. Not only will we support our puppies but we will gladly assist anyone owning a Komondor!