About Szilvahelyi Kennels

Many of you are probably asking how we started in Komondorok. Here is how it all began……

We have been with the Komondorok since 2000 but we’ve been in dogs together since 1986 not including the dogs we’ve had prior. ¬†Rottweilers were our first breed together. Although I hate to admit it we started with pet shop Rottweilers. Since they were considered pets all were spayed/neutered at the appropriate time. Both Baby (Rottweiler) and Phantom (a German Shepherd puppy) were acquired once we moved in together prior to getting married and having children. Due to health issues Phantom was returned and we then got another GSD puppy called Prince. Prince had severe hip dysplasia and was returned immediately. Due to this heartbreak we both decided that perhaps another Rottweiler would be better. Having pet quality Rottweilers we knew that we would never be able to show any of them. Moving forward not only were we looking for a show dog but a house protector as well. We had moved to a different location with very young kids and with Joe working evenings it left me alone with the kids and with Baby and Diablo which didn’t guard at all. ¬†Although many people view Rottweilers as wonderful guard dogs, none of ours considered themselves guardians. After much research we decided that the Komondor would be the best fit for our needs. We contacted a long-time Komondor owner/breeder from nearby Princeton, NJ. Both Marion & Joy Levy were a big help in guiding us to a wonderful breeder out in South Dakota. We got our first Komondor, Ch. Kyllburgs Aladdins One Wish, CGC (Lukacs) at 18 months from Adrienne & Alan Freyer, Kyllburg’s K9s. Lukacs accepted all of us immediately including both Nikki and Zack. This was the start of our love for showing dogs and entrusting our family to this wonderful breed.

This web site showcases our dogs, litters, information on contacting us and dogs that we’ve handled.

In brief, our motto is as follows: “Striving for excellence in Health, Temperament & Conformation”. Puppies and/or adult dogs are placed in loving homes otherwise they will remain with us until the correct home is located. We also believe that if any owners are unable to keep one of our puppies or adults that they would be returned to us no questions asked.

Welcome once again,
Marlene & Joseph Horvath
Szilvahelyi Kennels



Joe and Marlene

Marlene and Joe

Joe and Marlene

Joe and Marlene

Ebony, Nikki and Lukacs at a Niagara Falls Hotel

Lukacs, Ebony, Chi-Chi, Zack, Nikki and Fruska

Marlene and Joe

Zack and Nikki

Vanessa and Zack

Zack, Mami and Nikki

Joe and Marlene

Joe and Marlene

Zack and Nikki at Seaside

Zack and Vanessa

6_28_09 Nikki Mami Zack


1_23_11 Vanessa and Zack at Tati's House